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Lori Perez


Lori Perez

1st Year

Hometown: Abilene, TX

Current Location: Schertz, TX

Education: B.S. from Texas A&M in Microbiology, and Pharm.D. from Texas Texas University Abilene, TX

Professional:  Lori works with H-E-B Pharmacy in San Antonio.  Lori’s passion is to focus on immunizations, MTM care, and patient education.  Over the years, Lori has been an immunization and MTM coordinator for H-E-B in West Texas and San Antonio serving as the area local expertise to her fellow pharmacists.  West Texas Pharmacy Association has been close to Lori’s heart since she received her first scholarship while she is in school in 2008.  After graduation, Lori became an active member of WTPA and served as President when the convention was in Abilene in 2014.  Lori is now at part of the continuing education committee for WTPA and she helps to coordinate and gather information for CE.  WTPA has been such a wonderful organization for Lori who has formed close friendships through their annual meetings and hopes she can continue to give back for years to come.   

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