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Ukraine Support



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Calling all of Texas Pharmacy!
A word from one of our pharmacy students:
Like many of you, I am heartbroken by the ongoing situation and humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. I am devastated at how many innocent children, women, and men are losing their lives. Some of these deaths could be prevented by having more tourniquets available throughout their country. Also, sending tourniquets through customs is a much easier task than medications and will significantly help the ongoing fighting and humanitarian crisis. Even if the conflict were to end tomorrow, the reconstruction and rehoming of millions of displaced Ukrainians will take months, if not years. This increases the likelihood of life-threatening accidents and severe bleeds due to destroyed cities, homes, and bridges, and tensions in the area will be elevated for years to come. 

My name is Brian Burpo. I am currently a third-year pharmacy student at The University of Texas at Austin and serve as a student board member with the West Texas Pharmacy Association (WTPA). In Austin, we have partnered with STOP THE BLEED® (STB) to teach our pharmacy students life-saving trauma skills for the last two academic years. While this skill set may not be our expertise, pharmacists are the most accessible healthcare providers and knowing how to stop a severe bleed is essential. Furthermore, WTPA is a non-profit pharmacy organization helping facilitate this campaign by serving as the beneficiary to collect the donations and provide payment for tourniquet purchases. STB will immediately ship and distribute the tourniquets to medical and military personnel in Ukraine.

Any donation helps and just $23 can save a life. Please consider donating and sharing this message. Thank you for helping us stand with Ukraine.
In short:
I am asking friends, family, Texans, and fellow pharmacists, students, and pharmacy organizations to come together to save lives in Ukraine. We will do this by purchasing tourniquets. I am working with STOP THE BLEED® (STB), an organization that helps teach civilians, medical workers, law enforcement, and militaries to save lives during acute bleeding emergencies (for more information visit STOPTHEBLEED.org). In Ukraine, medical equipment is spread very thin and the Ukrainian Government has highly requested thousands of tourniquets.
•    Most quality tourniquets cost = $35-40
•    Through STB buying in bulk cost = $23
•    Setting an initial goal of 1,000 tourniquets
•    SAVE A LIFE = $23 donation

Please share this campaign with other friends, family, pharmacy professionals, as well as pharmacy schools and organizations. I am hoping we can meet this goal within a short amount of time. Let's show the world just how BIG Texas Pharmacy cares.
Here is a statement from the STOP THE BLEED® Program:
"The STOP THE BLEED® Course (STB) has been offered to Ukraine for more than two years and has been provided to the Ukrainian Army medical personnel. The American College of Surgeons is currently coordinating efforts with multiple organizations and spearheading equipment support for Ukraine. We received an initial request for 45,000 Combat Application Tourniquets (CAT) for distribution. We have coordinated with North American Rescue (NAR) to provide tourniquets and ship to medical equipment staging facilities in Europe. In addition, we have coordinated with individuals in Ukraine to ensure the equipment is received and distributed. We received an initial medical equipment list from medical officials in Ukraine and are operating with that list as our guide. All equipment sent through our channels has the European Mark, which prevents equipment delays in customs due to not being authorized in that country. For example, we just got approval to have the ACS CAT tourniquet approved for streamlined receipt and distribution. We provide STB training daily in Ukraine, and an interactive course link, distributed throughout the country so individuals can complete the training on demand. In addition, we have created a YouTube video that is being distributed in Ukraine. Our Ukrainian contacts and affiliates are vetted through us, including our vendor, North American Rescue."

—Jimm Dodd, PA-C, MS, MA, US Army (Retired)
Manager of STOP THE BLEED®