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Cody Cedergren

Cedergren, Cody

Cody Cedergren

3rd Year

Hometown: Clyde, TX

Education: Clyde High School Class of 2013, Abilene Christian University (Biology Major) 2013-2015, Texas Tech University Health Science Center School of Pharmacy Abilene Class of 2020

Family: Cody grew up in a farming and ranching family. He keeps to his West-Texas roots by continuing to raise cattle while pursuing his education.

Professional: Cody started his career in pharmacy by working as a compounding technician at his local independent pharmacy, James McCoy’s Drugstore. Upon receiving a pharmacy intern license after his first year in pharmacy school he became an intern for United Pharmacy and James McCoy’s Drugstore, both of which are located in Abilene, Texas. Cody is a student teaching assistant at TTUHSC and currently serves as president of the TTUHSC Chapter of the National Community Pharmacists Association, Worthy Chief Counselor of Phi Delta Chi Gamma Eta Chapter professional pharmacy fraternity, and the Vice President for the Mortar and Pestle Compounding Club. Cody wishes to pursue a career in independent community pharmacy because of the personal impact he has witnessed pharmacists make.

WTPA: Getting an early start in the pharmacy career granted me the opportunity to have major influences in my life from current WTPA members who have given me insight into the values and qualities that WTPA represents: CE, fellowship, and scholarship. Through WTPA, I have had the pleasure to expand my horizon by meeting other influential members who have helped in navigating pharmacy school and shape my future as a professional pharmacist. WTPA has awarded me with 2 scholarships to date which has helped further my studies. I strive to give back to other technicians, students, and pharmacists by maintaining the high ideals that WTPA represents and promoting its mission for many years to come.

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