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Bill Carroll Memorial

Fellow WTPA Members:

On behalf of the WTPA Board, I would like to take this time to share with you the
tremendous loss our organization experienced recently. On Thursday, September 5th,
Bill Carroll passed away. Bill served on the WTPA Board of Directors for 27 years,
two years of which were as president, and eight years as secretary. He had only
recently stepped down from the board when he was diagnosed with esophageal
cancer. He fought with more courage, grace, and optimism than seemed humanly
possible – in fact, he would likely tell you that was only possible with the strength
and inspiration of his Savior.

Bill was so representative of the type of human being we all aspire to be: loving
unconditionally, ever a peacemaker, hope-filled even in the face of adversity, and
generous in every opportunity. If you knew Bill, then surely you couldn’t miss the
light of his life – Suzy. Together, they were unstoppable and surely brought out the
best in each other.

We remember the man he was – Christ-follower, husband, father, grandfather,
colleague, mentor, teacher, and friend to name only a few. If we are to be an
organization that makes a difference in the practice of pharmacy, in our communities,
and the lives of our students, then we must pause to recognize one who so richly
demonstrated these attributes. Thankfully one way we will be honoring and
remembering Bill each year is at our annual meeting where a student will be
recognized for a scholarship bearing his name, an endowment funded solely through
the generosity of our members.

Speaking for myself, I am blessed to have worked alongside Bill. His mentorship, in
both professional and personal means, made such an impact on my life. Any time he
would sense my stress over a particular convention-related task, he would remind me,
“we’re here to have fun in WTPA and we are here because we love this
organization”. I hope that for any of us, we can remember not to take ourselves so
seriously and to appreciate the collective friendship we share.
In the spirit of one of our three tenets, fellowship, I encourage each of you to make
plans to attend our upcoming convention in Amarillo on March 6-8th as we continue
to honor Bill and so many of our past leaders in WTPA.
I ask that you please continue to lift up Suzy and the Carroll family in prayer,
especially in this holiday season. May God bless each of you and your families.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,
Nathan Buerkle
Secretary, WTPA
P.O. Box 1004
San Angelo, TX 76902