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2018 Heritage Award


John Bullock

John Bullock was born in Prescott, Arkansas, the fifth of six children.  The Bullock household seldom saw a physician.  The local healthcare professional with the largest influence, who provided care to the community, was the pharmacist.  The pharmacy was a permanent fixture in the community, open long hours and a place one went for medical care as well as coke floats.  Upon high school graduation, John received a football and agricultural scholarship to Southern Arkansas University.   After earning an Associate’s degree in Agriculture & Animal Science, he headed to the University of Texas at Austin to gain admittance to the College of Pharmacy.  Working full-time, getting married, and having his first child, John graduated from The University of Texas with a Bachelor of Pharmacy in 1974. 


His initial work was at the Texas Tech University student health center pharmacy, located in the medical school, where he also taught prescription writing technique. He later worked at Day Drug in Lubbock, and Jones McCall pharmacy in Lamesa.  In 1976, John purchased a partnership in Baggett Pharmacy in Levelland, where he worked for nearly 30 years.  As a partner in this business, he was at the forefront of compounding medications and began his long career of educating students from the Texas Tech School of Pharmacy.  Additionally, while at Baggett Pharmacy, John consulted with numerous nursing homes and psychiatric facilities, was the Director of Pharmacy at Lynn County Hospital in Tahoka, contracted with South Plains Rural Health, and, since 1985, has been the Director of Pharmacy for Cochran Memorial Hospital in Morton.


As part owner of Baggett Pharmacy, John and his partner, Robby Timberlake, were integral in establishing the first protocols for pharmacy-based immunizations in the state of Texas.  In 1995, John wrote the protocols, and with the help of Fred Brinkley, Executive Director of the Texas State Board of Pharmacy, initiated one of the first functioning protocols for pharmacy-based immunizations in the nation.  In 1996, John helped comprise the educational team for the first American Pharmacist Association immunization training program held in Jackson, Mississippi, presenting injection technique training.  He continued to contract with the American Pharmacist Association, teaching various vaccine science programs throughout the nation.  In 1997, John created Pharm-Vac, the first Texas State Board of Pharmacy certified continuing education program for pharmacy-based immunizations.  Pharm-Vac served as an organization for immunizing pharmacists, with group purchasing power for vaccines, 24-hour consultation for immunizing pharmacists, and liaison services for regulatory issues.  John has worked with the Center for Disease Control, Pharmacia, the Texas Health System Pharmacist Association, the Texas Pharmacist Association, the Texas Tech School of Pharmacy, as well as other state organizations and universities throughout the nation.  In these capacities, John has trained thousands of pharmacists across the country.


Upon the closing of Baggett Pharmacy in 2004, John took a staff position with Covenant Hospital in Lubbock.  He then continued his previous work with South Plains Rural Health in Levelland, this time, as the Director of Pharmacy.  Through this Federally Qualified Health Care Center, he worked and managed one Class D pharmacy, two Class A pharmacies, a contract pharmacy, and was the full-time pharmacist in Levelland, overall serving seven medically-underserved counties in West Texas.  In this ten-year position, he took care of the low-income and underserved patients in the South Plains area and continued his training of Texas Tech pharmacy students, taking his last student in 2015. 


After retiring in 2016, John worked relief for BriovaRx, a specialty pharmacy, and has continued to serve as the Director of Pharmacy at Cochran Memorial Hospital.  John has been married to his beautiful wife, Marla, for over 45 years, and is the cherished father of three and the adored grandfather of four.  He has always been actively involved in church and is a respected and beloved member of his community.  He enjoys spending time with his family, cooking, gardening, and mostly, hunting with his bird dog, Blanche, and lounging around with his housedog, Peanut.  In his over 40-year career, John has practiced at most levels of diversified pharmacy, has pioneered the profession in pharmacist-administered immunizations, has taught and mentored hundreds of pharmacy students, and has advocated for and provided affordable access to medication for thousands of patients.  He considers it a privilege to practice in one of the greatest professions in America.